Y&R Recap: Should Sharon Go Off Her Medication?

Sharon revels in motherhood.

1. Sharon revels in motherhood.

A glowing Sharon strolls Sully into Crimson Lights, basking in motherhood. She even tells Nick she believes, along with Dr. Anderson, that she no longer needs medication.

But Nick is suspicious: "Maybe you're putting a little too much faith in Dr. Anderson right now," he says.
Sharon catches up with Mariah.

2. Sharon catches up with Mariah.

A far departure from her previous anxious state of mind, Sharon greets her child's godmother with a fresh, content demeanor.
Sage holds Sully.

3. Sage holds Sully.

Upon greeting Sharon's baby, Sage showers "the little angel" with laughter and warmth.

"You know me," she says as she plants a kiss on Sully.
Sharon stands in awe of Sage's progress.

4. Sharon stands in awe of Sage's progress.

"[Sage] is so comfortable with the baby," Sharon tells Nick, explaining that it gives her joy to see the grieving mother bond with her child. "I love sharing Sully with Sage."
Kevin is suspicious.

5. Kevin is suspicious.

Kevin admits to Natalie that he thinks she might possibly be trying to con him. Natalie is adamant that she isn't, but only reacting to his "putting visions" in her head.