Kristoff St. John Dishes On His 25th Y&R Anniversary

Happy anniversary, Kristoff!

1. Happy anniversary, Kristoff!

It's hard to believe that Neil Winters has been bringing the smiles—and the drama—to Genoa City for 25 years. To celebrate, The Young and the Restless cast shared their warm wishes with actor Kristoff St. John both online and in person at a festive anniversary party. But, how does the accomplished actor feel about his long-running success? We asked him to spill on his favorite moments, the biggest lessons he's learned, and what his secret talents are. 

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He didn't make any huge plans.

2. He didn't make any huge plans.

When asked about his anniversary plans, Kristoff kept cool and confessed he didn't have anything set in stone. 

"I am the quiet dude," he said. "I prefer going out of the limelight. Maybe that's because my family life is strong ... I'm not really going to celebrate anything other than what's on the stage ... Business as usual, keep stepping, and hopefully make it safely to the 26th anniversary."

He's learned how to move forward.

3. He's learned how to move forward.

Throughout his career, Kristoff has learned a number of life lessons from his time on set. But the one that came to mind had everything to do with pushing forward, no matter what. 

"I've learned how to set aside a lot of personal problems and issues and leave them at the studio door and walk in and be a part of that universe," he said. "I've learned more about myself as a human being because of the progression of my life that has so ofter mirrored the soap and vice-versa." 
He's had a lot of memorable moments on set, but one sticks out in particular.

4. He's had a lot of memorable moments on set, but one sticks out in particular.

Who knew one huge party would still be so memorable nearly 25 years later? 

"The masquerade ball of, I believe it was '91 ... was four crazy days, but it was really worth it because our finished product spoke for itself," he said. "I was the Greek god of love and wine, and I think that's only fitting because Neil didn't know, but he was going to become an alcoholic years later. And, he's been a serial lover, as many soap characters are. But, for some reason, Neil can't seem to get it right." 
He and Neil share some important traits.

5. He and Neil share some important traits.

Kristoff may not have the same drama that his character Neil has on The Young and the Restless, but he admitted they do have some special things in common. 

"There's a lot of seriousness in both characters—both me and Neil," he said. "I'm the family guy forever, I really am, and I somehow managed to instill that aspect of Kristoff into Neil ... There's a goof in all of us, and I have more of it than Neil. There's a real commitment to education that Neil has. I'm an artist, and it's hard for me to concentrate on the mundane. I go after the blue skies and sunshine all the time." 
He has some seriously cool hobbies.

6. He has some seriously cool hobbies.

Believe it or not, Kristoff makes it off of the set every now and then, and he fills his time with some awesome activities. 

"I love to write," he said. "I play the guitar. I love bowling. It's crazy, I used to be on four bowling leagues." 

We knew he could nail his lines, but we had no idea he was king of the lanes! 

He was born to be an actor.

7. He was born to be an actor.

Growing up, he knew he wanted to be on camera. 

"My dad gave me a job at five," he said. "I don't really count that because it was a voice-over in his film, but from that moment, yes, I wanted to be like my dad [who was an actor]. I knew it even more when I got a taste of consistent work ... I knew when I got on set [at a prominent sitcom], when I went to Brooklyn and I worked my first day, that something big was going to happen. Well, that something wasn't exactly what I thought—I thought maybe I was going to be Denzel's brother in some new-and-upcoming movie ... Little did I know, that day when I said yes to being on The Young and the Restless that 25 years later, I'd be having a conversation ... talking about when did I first know I was going to be an actor." 

Sometimes things just have a way of working themselves out. Congrats, Kristoff, on 25 excellent years. Here's to many more!

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