10,000 Episodes And Counting!

Join us in a countdown to the 10,000 episode as the cast takes a look back and reveals some of their favorite moments! 

Joshua Morrow

1. Joshua Morrow

My favorite moment that has happened in the last 10,000 episodes is super easy for me....it was the show we taped in June of 1994...it was my first day. I walked into the tack house and had a scene with the amazingly talented Heather Tom. It was a day that changed my life forever and I will be eternally grateful for the life that this show has afforded me. Every amazing thing that has happened to me in my life can be attributed to being on this show - I met my wife due to being on this show and then had my kids due to meeting my wife :)....so my favorite moment is easy....it was my first moment. Here is to another 10,000! - Joshua Morrow Photo Credit: JPI Studios
Judith Chapman

2. Judith Chapman

I have many memories of my Alter Ego Glo'. The early days when Glo' tried to make peace with her damaged & brilliant sons, Michael & Kevin, and succeeding...sort of...LOL. But Glo's best days were irritating JACK and ASHLEY!!! They hated her, and she loved being the itch they could never scratch. Trashing their elegant home, and now, selling them overpriced food and double priced champagne...HAHA! Glo' will always regret that cream thing out of love for her John Abbott. To the next 10,000! - Judith Chapman Photo credit: JPI Studios
Kate Linder

3. Kate Linder

It's a toss-up between Mrs. Chancellor and Esther being kidnapped by Morey Amsterdam and when she delivered my onscreen child, Chloe (then Kate), on the stairs of the Chancellor Mansion during a violent rainstorm. The first was fun and wild; the second was very dramatic and touching. - Kate Linder
Tricia Cast

4. Tricia Cast

My absolute favorite Y&R moment was when Jill and Katherine had Nina locked in the attic for all those months of her pregnancy and then finally, Nina had had enough! She was going to tell Phillip the whole ugly story and she let the two of them have it but good! It was a knock down drag out to remember. Working with Jess and Jeanne on those scenes was one of the highlights of my career! - Tricia Cast Photo credit: JPI Studios
Tracey Bregman

5. Tracey Bregman

Michael and Lauren’s engagement, wedding, and when he found out I was alive! - Tracey Bregman (pictured with Jessica Heap) Photo Credit: JPI Studios
Lauralee Bell

6. Lauralee Bell

My favorite [moment] that I wasn’t in was when Paul went undercover and his dad Carl thought he'd betrayed him by going against the police. Then finally after months Paul was able to tell his dad the truth. There were tears, hugs, relief as an audience! Amazing! - Lauralee Bell
Melody Thomas Scott & Eric Braeden

7. Melody Thomas Scott & Eric Braeden

It's an amazing accomplishment having mostly to do with good writing, great storytelling and a very good cast. - Eric Braeden
Jeanne Cooper

8. Jeanne Cooper

I loved the stable boys; my best storyline! - Jeanne Cooper
Peter Bergman

9. Peter Bergman

Jack was in Victor’s office one day and Victor had what appeared to be a coronary. He fell to the ground, grasping his heart and Jack was left with two choices; he could call for help...or he could just leave. Jack decided to leave! One my way out the door, I kicked his hand out of my way; and they caught it on camera. It was such a delicious moment. I was so happy they caught it on camera because it wasn’t scripted. - Peter Bergman