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­Go behind the scenes and check out photos from your favorite's from The Young and the Restless.
Michael and Sharon's Hair!

1. Michael and Sharon's Hair!

@MMuhney tweets - Okay. Who has the crazier hair today???
Birthday Celebration

2. Birthday Celebration

@Cleblanc Tweets this photo of his birthday celebration!
Another Day at Work

3. Another Day at Work

@Cleblanc Tweets - Birthday firsts: Josh and I do not goof around before a scene
Happy Birthday

4. Happy Birthday

@Cleblanc Tweets - Ahhhhhh the cake......sweeeeeeeeet
Sheryl and Christian

5. Sheryl and Christian

#TheTalk's @sherylunderwood and #YR's @cjleblanc talking to CBS affiliates about Sheryl's #YR appearance on Friday 2/10!