The Beautiful Isabella: Cuts Like a Knife
Posted on Mar 25, 2013 04:50pm

Much to the chagrin of Michael and Isabella, Paul learned that his relationship with Isabella was based on a lie. Michael had hired her to play a damsel in distress so he could break Christine and Paul up. Fast forward to years later when the plan not only worked but Paul ended up marrying Isabella and having a baby. Once Paul discovered the truth, however, it was only a matter of time until he ended up back in the arms of Christine. A disguised Christine returned to Genoa City after leaving because of the was it/or wasn't it rape scene. Once Paul learned not only of Isabella's lies but of Chris' identity the two seemed headed back together. This was very unfortunate for Michael who was preparing to propose and for Isabella who would prefer to keep Paul to herself. Igniting the psychos within, Isabella and Michael agreed to team up. As things got more intense and refused to go this desperate housewife's way, the first sign of major trouble ahead was a visit to Michael's office. When he was a lot more calm than she would have preferred, she threw a pencil holder at his face. "I was so emotionally involved I threw it right at him and all the pencils hit Christian," Eva Longoria (Isabella) shared in 2003. "I didn't mean to throw it at him! It's just that's what you'd do in life - you aim. We were hysterical. He said 'I was really scared. I was going to run away'." The incident cut her hand, sparking a plan. Isabella continuously egged Chris on, conveniently when witnesses were around. One instance in particular was when Diane Jenkins caught the tail end of one of their sessions that ended with Chris attacking Isabella on her couch. When Isabella finally felt the timing was right, she called Michael in a panic. Staging her own murder, Mr. Baldwin arrived finding blood stains but no Isabella. Her "murder" remained a mystery and Chris appeared the most guilty. As more and more evidence emerged to the contrary, Chris believed she was in the clear, but really found herself in hot water. Literally. As she relaxed in a bathtub, Isabella attacked her with a knife. Fortunately both Paul and Michael were quickly on the scene and Isabella was taken to jail.