Obsession: Michael Baldwin
Posted on Mar 25, 2013 05:55pm

In one of the most poignant and riveting storylines of the 1990s, the writers of Young and the Restless successfully tackled the touchy issue of sexual harassment. Designed to educate viewers how to recognize and resist unfair treatment in the workplace, the plot was well received across America and received a nomination for Outstanding Daytime Drama from Population Options. Christine (aka Cricket), with her iron will, strong sense of compassion, and unwavering commitment to justice, has proven herself to be one of the best lawyers in Genoa City. When Michael Baldwin, her mentor, offered her a job at his prestigious law firm, Christine happily accepted; little did she know that she was about to begin a personal battle that would challenge her moral character, and legal rights. Once in the workplace, Michael's seemingly harmless comments and gestures escalated into full blown harassment. Day in and day out Michael would proposition Cricket, promising promotions and a stronger professional relationship with her cooperation. His relentless advances finally pushed Cricket over the edge; despite strong opposition from the partners of the firm, Christine risked the reputation of her family and her career to file a lawsuit against Michael. She produced a taped recording of Michael's inappropriate behavior to convince the partners of Michael's wrongdoing and he promptly lost his job. In retaliation, Michael attempted to reverse the accusation and began to slander Christine's moral character and her husband's fidelity. He realized the scales were tipping heavily out of his favor and decided to married Hillary, a past employee, in hopes that his newlywed status would clear his name. He was offered another job at a neighboring law firm and continued to spread rumors against Christine and Danny, her husband. He produced photos of Danny with Rebecca in an attempt to destroy Christine's marriage and credibility. The case went to court and Hilary, who immediately ended the relationship with Michael when she learned of the tapes, strengthened the suit against Michael. When the gavel slammed down, Christine rose triumphant; Michael Baldwin was censured by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court. Jobless and humiliated, Michael's anger quickly turned into an obsession with revenge against Christine. Michael broke into ex-wife Hilary's apartment, which is adjacent to Christine's, and began burrowing a hole in the wall. He was no stranger to murder (It was implied that he even might have killed Rebecca after she attempted to blackmail him about her bogus photos with Danny) and was determined to stalk Christine, rape her, and end her life. While digging into Hilary's wall, the deranged Michael was briefly interrupted by Nina, who he quickly bound and gagged. Michael succeeded entered the apartment and attacked the unsuspecting Christine. Fortunately, Paul arrived in time to prevent the rape and shot Michael, wounding him until the police could take him into custody. In order to lessen his sentence, Michael pleaded insanity. Christine, determined to keep her assailant behind bars, visited him in jail and found him speaking coherently. With her help, the court found Michael fit to stand trail and he was sentenced to a long term in prison. Justice was realized thanks to a courageous and dignified Christine.