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About Richie Sambora
Richie Sambora is currently on Because We Can - The Tour with Bon Jovi. Richie's latest solo album Aftermath of the Lowdown and Bon Jovi's latest album What About Now are available everywhere.

See Richie Sambora on Bon Jovi's Because We Can - The Tour.

Staying true to his blue collar, New Jersey roots, Richie Sambora has more than just one job. In addition to being a guitar god in one of the world's biggest rock bands, Bon Jovi, Sambora is an accomplished solo artist. He's released three albums on his own, along with his other 12 albums with the band. Sambora's latest album, Aftermath of the Lowdown is a career defining piece of work.

At his day job, Sambora is the legendary guitar slinger behind some or rock's biggest riffs. He's seen 35 million faces and rocked them all and continues to do so. This year, on Bon Jovi's Because We Can - The Tour, Richie, Jon, and the guys will hit almost every major venue in America before touching down in South Africa, Bulgaria, Portugal, and The UK-just to name a few.
But Richie Sambora is more than just a member of one of rock's biggest bands worldwide, a GRAMMY Award winner, and a member of the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. Sambora is also man, like any other. However, unlike any other, he has a unique gift for setting stories to song. It's those stories, the stories of Sambora the man, that he has put to song in Aftermath of the Lowdown.

On Aftermath of the Lowdown, Sambora takes a major departure from his previous major label releases - Undiscovered Soul (1998) and Stranger In This Town (1991) - returning to his roots with a vital and visceral album of raw rock power. It illustrates the ups, downs and triumphs that Richie has experienced over the past several years as he has dealt with his personal struggles in the public eye.

"This is the truth, the lowdown," he says. "And after you speak that truth, there's always an aftermath. A lot has happened in my life, good and bad, over the last ten years, personal stuff that's cathartic for me to get out. Really, these are all things that could happen to anybody. But I happen to also be in a band with the biggest concert tour in the world, and the glare of being in the public eye."

Odds are that tour is stopping in a city near you soon. You can hear the stories behind thetours and the rest of Richie's life on Aftermath of the Lowdown.

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