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Linda Goodridge
Linda Goodridge
Job: Deputy Sheriff
Age: 29
Hometown: Marion, New York

Three words to describe you: Integrity, loyal, adventurous.

What do you do?
I am a deputy sheriff jailer as well as working for a roofing company and a wellness coach at
a fitness facility.

What is a typical day like for you?
I wake up at 4:00 AM. I work out first thing, chest day is my favorite! I run every day and I
stretch in my sauna every day! I will not stretch any other way. I work until the evening.
Sometimes I'll pick up extra work at night or spend the evening with my boyfriend, friends, and
or family.

What would people be surprised to learn about your job?
People would be surprised to learn that my job in the jail is not easy. I face sexual harassment
and sometimes a hostile work environment. I've maintained my integrity and excelled in my
career despite that major challenge.

What work related build/structure or event are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the outside works program I was involved in that helped the inmate
population so they were able to go out and prosper in real work, and the positive impact I had
within my community.

Who are you competing for?
I am competing for my family, my boyfriend, myself, and every voice out there that struggles to
be heard amidst the struggles and trials they face as they try to work hard and make a living.

Describe the phrase "dirty hands, clean money":
I go to work. I sweat, bleed, uphold my oath despite any challenges, corruption, temptations in
my way, and earn my paycheck with honor. It comes down to are you working with good morals,
values, ethics, integrity, character and doing the job you are asked to do? I do!

Why do you want to win?
I want to win the opportunity for who I am and what I've been through to be heard. I want to win
the opportunity to let the world know that honesty, integrity, hard work, faith, morals, and being
true to you will win against any struggle. Perseverance is key. I want to win the chance to tell the
world I am tough as nails. I truly feel my life has been leading me to this moment.

What makes you tough as nails?
What makes me tough as nails is the fact that I've never stopped persevering and moving
forward. I've never stopped standing up for what's right. Sometimes the toughest obstacles
aren't physical, sometimes they are emotional and mental. I've gotten back up and never
stopped. I am tough as nails.