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Jerome Kupuka’a
Name: Jerome Kupuka’a
Job: Heavy Equipment Operator
Age: 48
Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hawai’i
Current Residence: Kapolei, Hawai’i

Three words I live by: Always live “pono,” living in righteousness, doing what is right, no negativity, all positive.

What is a typical day like for you?
I’ll go to work on a new subdivision project I’ve been on for about a year now, putting in all infrastructure, sewer lines, drains, water lines, grading out lots, all the way up till footing foundation goes in. Then if I don’t have sports with the granddaughter cause I’m her coach, you can find me at my home surf break almost everyday surfing and having a few cold ones waiting for the sunset. The next day I do it all over again. This pretty much what everybody in Hawai’i does🤙

What work related build/structure or event are you most proud of?
A 10-year run operating on a project for military housing.

Who are you competing for?
My daughter. She put me on the show. I had no idea what it was about til she told me about it. That is when I got serious.

Why do you want to win?
Money! In Hawai’i it’s very expensive so we all need this money. Where I’m from it’s hard even with a good paying job.

What makes you tough as nails?
I’ve done probably every type of construction trade from when I was 17 years old. That is why my daughter Jerae said I’m tough as nails