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UEFA Champions League 2020-2021 Match Schedule On CBS All Access

Check out upcoming fixtures and stream the competition live or on demand with CBS All Access.
Posted on Oct 20, 2020 | 07:00am

The excitement of the UEFA Champions League is even more intense for the 2020-2021 season, including a new schedule that concentrates the group stage—meaning more action every single match day.

If you're a CBS All Access subscriber looking for a match that's live right nowgo directly to the UEFA Champions League page.

All are available to watch live on CBS All Access and will also be available on demand shortly after the final whistle. Group play will commence on Tuesday, Oct. 20, and run until Wednesday, Dec. 9, with eight hours of live coverage per match day. After a draw for the Round of 16 on Monday, Dec. 14, the knockout stages will pick back up on Tuesday, Feb. 16 and run until the final on Saturday, May 29.

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In addition to every UEFA Champions League match listed below, CBS All Access subscribers who visit the UEFA Champions League page also get:
The Golazo Show, a live whip-around program streaming on its own feed featuring every goal from every match. During group stage match days, The Golazo pre-match show begins at 2:30pm ET to recap the two earlier matches, with The Golazo Show starting at 3:00pm ET as six simultaneous matches are being played.
UEFA Champions League Today coverage from London starting on the live feeds at 12:00pm ET on group stage match days, as well as access to the CBS Sports HQ Pre-Match Show.
UEFA Champions League Post-Match Show coverage from London starting on the live feeds at 5:00pm ET on group stage match days, as well as access to the CBS Sports HQ Post-Match Show.
- Match highlight, goal compilation, and interview clips available to stream on demand.
- UEFA Champions League Magazine Show, with new episodes available to stream on most Fridays.
- Plus, you can also watch every match from the UEFA Europa League (see the full schedule of games on Thursdays).
*NOTE: During Match Day 2 (Oct. 27-28), all times shift an hour later ET, then return to normal hours on Match Day 3.

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Match Day 1 Schedule—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

Tuesday, Oct. 2012:55pm ETZenit (RUS)Club Brugge (BEL)
Tuesday, Oct. 2012:55pm ETDynamo Kyiv (UKR)Juventus (ITA)
Tuesday, Oct. 203:00pm ETRennes (FRA)Krasnodar (RUS)
Tuesday, Oct. 203:00pm ETChelsea (ENG)Sevilla (ESP)
Tuesday, Oct. 203:00pm ETLazio (ITA)Dortmund (GER)
Tuesday, Oct. 203:00pm ETBarcelona (ESP)Ferencváros (HUN)
Tuesday, Oct. 203:00pm ETParis (FRA)Man. United (ENG)
Tuesday, Oct. 203:00pm ETLeipzig (GER)İstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)
Wednesday, Oct. 2112:55pm ETSalzburg (AUT)Lokomotiv Moskva (RUS)
Wednesday, Oct. 2112:55pm ETReal Madrid (ESP)Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)
Wednesday, Oct. 213:00pm ETBayern (GER)Atlético (ESP)
Wednesday, Oct. 213:00pm ETInternazionale (ITA)Mönchengladbach (GER)
Wednesday, Oct. 213:00pm ETOlympiacos (GRE)Marseille (FRA)
Wednesday, Oct. 213:00pm ETMan. City (ENG)Porto (POR)
Wednesday, Oct. 213:00pm ETAjax (NED)Liverpool (ENG)
Wednesday, Oct. 213:00pm ETMidtjylland (DEN)Atalanta (ITA)

Match Day 2 Schedule—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

NOTE: Daylight savings time ends in Europe the weekend before Match Day 2, but in the U.S. the weekend following. As a result, games will be an hour later for Match Day 2 only. 
Tuesday, Oct. 271:55pm ETLokomotiv Moskva (RUS)Bayern (GER)
Tuesday, Oct. 271:55pm ETShakhtar Donetsk (UKR)Internazionale (ITA)
Tuesday, Oct. 274:00pm ETAtlético (ESP)Salzburg (AUT)
Tuesday, Oct. 274:00pm ETMönchengladbach (GER)Real Madrid (ESP)
Tuesday, Oct. 274:00pm ETPorto (POR)Olympiacos (GRE)
Tuesday, Oct. 274:00pm ETMarseille (FRA)Man. City (ENG)
Tuesday, Oct. 274:00pm ETAtalanta (ITA)Ajax (NED)
Tuesday, Oct. 274:00pm ETLiverpool (ENG)Midtjylland (DEN)
Wednesday, Oct. 281:55pm ETKrasnodar (RUS)Chelsea (ENG)
Wednesday, Oct. 281:55pm ETİstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)Paris (FRA)
Wednesday, Oct. 284:00pm ETSevilla (ESP)Rennes (FRA)
Wednesday, Oct. 284:00pm ETClub Brugge (BEL)Lazio (ITA)
Wednesday, Oct. 284:00pm ETDortmund (GER)Zenit (RUS)
Wednesday, Oct. 284:00pm ETFerencváros (HUN)Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Wednesday, Oct. 284:00pm ETJuventus (ITA)Barcelona (ESP)
Wednesday, Oct. 284:00pm ETMan. United (ENG)Leipzig (GER)

Match Day 3 Schedule—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

Tuesday, Nov. 312:55pm ETLokomotiv Moskva (RUS)Atlético (ESP)
Tuesday, Nov. 312:55pm ETShakhtar Donetsk (UKR)Mönchengladbach (GER)
Tuesday, Nov. 33:00pm ETSalzburg (AUT)Bayern (GER)
Tuesday, Nov. 33:00pm ETReal Madrid (ESP)Internazionale (ITA)
Tuesday, Nov. 33:00pm ETMan. City (ENG)Olympiacos (GRE)
Tuesday, Nov. 33:00pm ETPorto (POR)Marseille (FRA)
Tuesday, Nov. 33:00pm ETMidtjylland (DEN)Ajax (NED)
Tuesday, Nov. 33:00pm ETAtalanta (ITA)Liverpool (ENG)
Wednesday, Nov. 412:55pm ETZenit (RUS)Lazio (ITA)
Wednesday, Nov. 412:55pm ETİstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)Man. United (ENG)
Wednesday, Nov. 43:00pm ETChelsea (ENG)Rennes (FRA)
Wednesday, Nov. 43:00pm ETSevilla (ESP)Krasnodar (RUS)
Wednesday, Nov. 43:00pm ETClub Brugge (BEL)Dortmund (GER)
Wednesday, Nov. 43:00pm ETBarcelona (ESP)Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Wednesday, Nov. 43:00pm ETFerencváros (HUN)Juventus (ITA)
Wednesday, Nov. 43:00pm ETLeipzig (GER)Paris (FRA)

Match Day 4 Schedule—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

Tuesday, Nov. 1012:55pm ETRennes (FRA)Chelsea (ENG)
Tuesday, Nov. 1012:55pm ETKrasnodar (RUS)Sevilla (ESP)
Tuesday, Nov. 103:00pm ETLazio (ITA)Zenit (RUS)
Tuesday, Nov. 103:00pm ETDortmund (GER)Club Brugge (BEL)
Tuesday, Nov. 103:00pm ETDynamo Kyiv (UKR)Barcelona (ESP)
Tuesday, Nov. 103:00pm ETJuventus (ITA)Ferencváros (HUN)
Tuesday, Nov. 103:00pm ETParis (FRA)Leipzig (GER)
Tuesday, Nov. 103:00pm ETMan. United (ENG)İstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)
Wednesday, Nov. 1112:55pm ETMönchengladbach (GER)Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)
Wednesday, Nov. 1112:55pm ETOlympiacos (GRE)Man. City (ENG)
Wednesday, Nov. 113:00pm ETBayern (GER)Salzburg (AUT)
Wednesday, Nov. 113:00pm ETAtlético (ESP)Lokomotiv Moskva (RUS)
Wednesday, Nov. 113:00pm ETInternazionale (ITA)Real Madrid (ESP)
Wednesday, Nov. 113:00pm ETMarseille (FRA)Porto (POR)
Wednesday, Nov. 113:00pm ETAjax (NED)Midtjylland (DEN)
Wednesday, Nov. 113:00pm ETLiverpool (ENG)Atalanta (ITA)

Match Day 5 Schedule—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

Tuesday, Nov. 1712:55pm ETLokomotiv Moskva (RUS)Salzburg (AUT)
Tuesday, Nov. 1712:55pm ETShakhtar Donetsk (UKR)Real Madrid (ESP)
Tuesday, Nov. 173:00pm ETAtlético (ESP)Bayern (GER)
Tuesday, Nov. 173:00pm ETMönchengladbach (GER)Internazionale (ITA)
Tuesday, Nov. 173:00pm ETMarseille (FRA)Olympiacos (GRE)
Tuesday, Nov. 173:00pm ETPorto (POR)Man. City (ENG)
Tuesday, Nov. 173:00pm ETLiverpool (ENG)Ajax (NED)
Tuesday, Nov. 173:00pm ETAtalanta (ITA)Midtjylland (DEN)
Wednesday, Nov. 1812:55pm ETKrasnodar (RUS)Rennes (FRA)
Wednesday, Nov. 1812:55pm ETİstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)Leipzig (GER)
Wednesday, Nov. 183:00pm ETSevilla (ESP)Chelsea (ENG)
Wednesday, Nov. 183:00pm ETDortmund (GER)Lazio (ITA)
Wednesday, Nov. 183:00pm ETClub Brugge (BEL)Zenit (RUS)
Wednesday, Nov. 183:00pm ETJuventus (ITA)Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)
Wednesday, Nov. 183:00pm ETFerencváros (HUN)Barcelona (ESP)
Wednesday, Nov. 183:00pm ETMan. United (ENG)Paris (FRA)

Match Day 6 Schedule—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

Tuesday, Nov. 2412:55pm ETLazio (ITA)Club Brugge (BEL)
Tuesday, Nov. 2412:55pm ETZenit (RUS)Dortmund (GER)
Tuesday, Nov. 243:00pm ETRennes (FRA)Sevilla (ESP)
Tuesday, Nov. 243:00pm ETChelsea (ENG)Krasnodar (RUS)
Tuesday, Nov. 243:00pm ETDynamo Kyiv (UKR)Ferencváros (HUN)
Tuesday, Nov. 243:00pm ETBarcelona (ESP)Juventus (ITA)
Tuesday, Nov. 243:00pm ETParis (FRA)İstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)
Tuesday, Nov. 243:00pm ETLeipzig (GER)Man. United (ENG)
Wednesday, Nov. 2512:55pm ETAjax (NED)Atalanta (ITA)
Wednesday, Nov. 2512:55pm ETMidtjylland (DEN)Liverpool (ENG)
Wednesday, Nov. 253:00pm ETBayern (GER)Lokomotiv Moskva (RUS)
Wednesday, Nov. 253:00pm ETSalzburg (AUT)Atlético (ESP)
Wednesday, Nov. 253:00pm ETInternazionale (ITA)Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)
Wednesday, Nov. 253:00pm ETReal Madrid (ESP)Mönchengladbach (GER)
Wednesday, Nov. 253:00pm ETOlympiacos (GRE)Porto (POR)
Wednesday, Nov. 253:00pm ETMan. City (ENG)Marseille (FRA)

Knockout Round Dates—2020-21 UEFA Champions League On CBS All Access

Remaining fixtures will be updated on this page as they become available (after draws or completion of quarterfinals and semifinals).

Draw, Round of 16
Monday, Dec. 14

Round of 16
First legs: Tuesday, Feb. 16; Wednesday, Feb. 17; Tuesday, Feb. 23; and Wednesday, Feb. 24
Second legs: Tuesday, Mar. 9; Wednesday, Mar. 10; Tuesday, Mar. 16; and Wednesday, Mar. 17

Draw, Quarterfinals and Semifinals
Friday, Mar. 19

First legs: Tuesday, Apr. 6 and Wednesday, Apr. 7
Second legs: Tuesday, Apr. 13 and Wednesday, Apr. 14

First legs: Tuesday, Apr. 27 and Wednesday, Apr. 28
Second legs: Tuesday, May 4 and Wednesday, May 5

Saturday, May 29 (Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul)

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