Under The Dome
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13 Things We Learned From The Under The Dome Cast: Season 2 Episode 2
Posted on Jul 8, 2014 09:30am

Things are intensifying quickly in Chester's Mill as the town fights for resources and is faced with a mysterious killer. Find out the thirteen things we learned about the episode "Infestation" from the cast's live tweet!

1. Stephen King hints that 'survival of the fittest' is coming.

2. Fans aren't the only ones who can't wait for the episodes to start.

3. Colin Ford is a part-time fitness motivator.

4. Your new favorite hashtag - #Jarbie - is back!

5. Norrie doesn't trust Big Jim's food.

6. Rachelle Lefevre is very clever.

7. Mackenzie Lintz and Grace Cox tweet in their PJs.

8. Dean Norris loves Snoopy.

9. Handcuffs make Melanie sad.

10. Social Ambassador Dianna echoes fan sentiments about the blazing speed of each episode.

11. The mystery continues in Chester's Mill.

12. The cast loves wardrobe.

13. Colin Ford knows how to pull your heartstrings.

Check out last week's live tweet here.