16 Talents Mike Vogel Isn't Hiding

Mike Vogel shows off all his talents as Barbie in Under The Dome.

Blocking the Sun

1. Blocking the Sun

Sun in your eyes? Give Mike Vogel a call.

2. Boxing

Mike Vogel knows how to put up his dukes.
Emergency Care

3. Emergency Care

No gunshot wound will go untreated with Mike Vogel around.
Making Confusion Look Good

4. Making Confusion Look Good

It doesn't matter if Barbie has no idea what's going on, Mike Vogel still makes it look good.
Hide and Seek

5. Hide and Seek

Elementary school Mike Vogel could not be beat at a game of hide and seek.
Making Difficult Situations Seem Easy

6. Making Difficult Situations Seem Easy

If you had a noose around your neck, wouldn't you be freaking out?

7. Investigations

When Barbie shows up to the scene of the crime, questions get answered.
Flying Planes

8. Flying Planes

Barbie feels comfortable chilling with the clouds.
Finding Buried Treasure

9. Finding Buried Treasure

Lose something underground? Give Mike Vogel a call.
Making the First Move

10. Making the First Move

Barbie isn't afraid to be the one to wrap his arm around Julia.

11. Penmanship

Mike Vogel practically invented the Helvetica font.
Keeping Crime Scenes Safe

12. Keeping Crime Scenes Safe

Need to roll out some yellow tap? Mike Vogel is your man.
The Hand-on-Hip Over-the-Shoulder Look

13. The Hand-on-Hip Over-the-Shoulder Look

Models spend their entire careers trying to perfect was comes so easily to Mike Vogel.
Delivering Babies

14. Delivering Babies

Barbie is an uncertified doula.

15. Gardening

Need to dig a hole about six feet deep? Barbie has plenty of experience with that.
Wearing Plaid Better Than Hipsters

16. Wearing Plaid Better Than Hipsters

You may or may not find The Arcade Fire in Mike Vogel's music collection, but he pulls off plaid better than any hipster.