The Many Sheriffs of Under The Dome

Learn all about the many leaders of the Chester's Mill police force.

Howard ‘Duke’ Perkins

1. Howard ‘Duke’ Perkins

Duke’s sturdy leadership kept him on good terms with the Millers, despite having a hand in the town’s dirty propane operation. Even after his messy death, Sheriff Duke will always be remembered as “top cop” of Chester’s Mill.
Linda Esquivel

2. Linda Esquivel

When Chester’s Mill lost Sheriff Duke, it got the next best thing: Linda. The young deputy took on the newfound responsibilities, but she couldn’t escape the dangers of the dome and died in the line of duty.
Phil Bushey

3. Phil Bushey

Big Jim pulled a risky move when he hired a gambler turned DJ as Chester Mill’s new badge holder. His bitter, angry and paranoid personality got him shot, ending a short—and not so sweet—reign as sheriff.

4. Barbie

The strong and silent type and a classic Chester’s Mill hero, it only made sense for the army vet to volunteer as the new Sheriff in town. But when unforeseen circumstances force him to leave his post, it’s inevitable that a notorious new authority will have to step in in his absence…
Big Jim

5. Big Jim

He may be the only councilman left in town, but Big Jim is also an infamous antagonist that is hungry for power. With Barbie’s disappearance and few leaders left to maintain order, it was only a matter of time before Big Jim began his push for the job.