That's One Way To Stay Comfortable On Set

Camo Exit

1. Camo Exit

Sure, you saw "The Kinship" (Season 3, Episode 4 of Under The Dome), but you haven't seen it like this. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos and insider stories—like how Mike Vogel keeps people comfortable on a hot day. Click through to the end to read a special questionnaire from the episode's writer!
Aktaion Badge

2. Aktaion Badge

A specific look was needed for the Aktaion badge, so the props department made several different versions. Then, Director Ed Ornelas and Executive Producer Peter Leto chose the one that best displayed the logo without it being too obvious.
Giving Notes

3. Giving Notes

During the sorting at town hall, Director Ed Ornelas talks with cast member Matt Warzel about how his whistling would play into the scene. Matt said he whistled around the house for two days to get the tune right. While everyone on set was happy that he came prepared, his wife Jamie was happy the whistling practice at home could stop!
Whistle While You Work

4. Whistle While You Work

Trivia break! Did you know that:
  • Actor Frank Whaley, who plays Dr. Marston, also played Moonlight Graham in Field of Dreams?
  • Malick was first seen in "The Red Door," the ninth episode of the second season?
  • Pete Blackstone is played by Andrew West, who acted with his wife, Amber Stevens, in the show Greek?
  • Fellow CBS star Jake McDorman (Limitless) also starred in Greek with Andrew and Amber?
​Lights, Camera, Action

5. ​Lights, Camera, Action

A cam and B cam operators Rick Davidson and Mike Repeta get close while trying to capture the scene.
Producer And Cast Love

6. Producer And Cast Love

Peter Leto stopped by set to a welcoming hug from Mike Vogel.
Goofing Around

7. Goofing Around

While a PA keeps Kylie Bunbury shaded, Mike Vogel decided he wanted to be sure Peter Leto was comfortable, too.
Writers' Room Questionnaire

8. Writers' Room Questionnaire

This week's Writers' Room Questionnaire is answered by Co-Executive Producer Cathryn Humphris.