Sadness Is The Easiest Emotion To Fake

Time for lunch!

1. Time for lunch!

“Caged” (Season 3, Episode 6 of Under The Dome) was all about uncovering the truth: Eva confessed to Barbie that she and Christine worked for Aktion, Julia found a hidden blueprint and voice recorder in Christine's office, and Big Jim and Indy got a new cellmate at the Aktion house.

Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and insider stories—like why the name "Audrey" is so important. Click through to the end and read a special questionnaire from the episode’s writer!
What's in a name?

2. What's in a name?

Tia Hendrick's character Audrey Everett isn't just any ordinary member of the Kinship. "Audrey" is the name of a prominent dog in Stephen King's novel Under The Dome.
Indy! Here boy!

3. Indy! Here boy!

Speaking of dogs, Indy has a big role in Season 3 of Under The Dome. This pup has an even larger role as Big Jim's only friend.
You'd only know if you were on set—or on our site.

4. You'd only know if you were on set—or on our site.

1. Mackenzie Lintz (Norrie) did the entire last fight scene with a broken toe!
2. Director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan was Steven Speilberg’s first Assistant Director for years.
3. To make sure that all of the show's departments are on the same page, many meetings happen on the fly—somtimes during lunch!
Take five, everyone.

5. Take five, everyone.

Director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan and Writer Andres "Dres" Fischer-Centeno chat with Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Julia Shumway, between takes. 
Writer's Room Questionnaire

6. Writer's Room Questionnaire

This week's Writer's Room Questionnaire is answered by Writer Andres "Dres" Fischer-Centeno.