Christine Has A Change Of Heart?

Where are the floaties?

1. Where are the floaties?

"Incandescence" (Season 3, Episode 11 of Under The Dome) was breathtaking. Joe was hard at work at taking down the Dome, the Resistance captured Christine, and Junior started to sacrifice the children and the elderly for the sake of the Kinship.

Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and insider stories—like how the cast and crew stay safe and cool while filming on the water. Click through to the end and read a special questionnaire from Writer Cathryn Humphris.
Safety first!

2. Safety first!

We all heaved a huge sigh of relief when Christine saved one of the smallest members of the Kinship. Don't worry, the Under The Dome crew always makes safety the top priority: They always have lifeguards on hand if a scene involves water.
Poster Girl

3. Poster Girl

Did the little girl saved by Christine look familiar? Many of the Under The Dome posters feature a young boy, seen longing for his dog on the other side of the Dome, who happens to be her brother.
No time to dry!

4. No time to dry!

The iconic scene in this week's episode, where Christine saved the children, was filmed perfectly—but Marg Helgenberger only had a few chances to get it right! Wardrobe only had a few dry shirts available, limiting the number of possible takes.
Keeping a sunny outlook.

5. Keeping a sunny outlook.

The cast and crew manage the sweltering summer heat in a variety of ways, including hats, sunglasses, and the occasional jump in the lake!
Line up!

6. Line up!

Episode Director PJ Pesce worked with a line of background actors who play the Kinship elders, walking them through the actions and helping them understand the seriously creepy undertones of the scene.
The producer is king.

7. The producer is king.

Executive Producer Peter Leto snagged a quick photo with Eddie Cahill and Alexander Koch between takes.
No whistling during the performance!

8. No whistling during the performance!

Between takes, Episode Director PJ Pesce played guitar to entertain the cast and crew.
Writer's Room Questionnaire

9. Writer's Room Questionnaire

This week's Writer's Room Questionnaire was answered by Writer Cathryn Humphris.