Undercover Boss
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Episode 556 - Tuesday, 30th October 2001
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Blake and Holly observe Tory as she interacts with Jeff, a fellow law school student. Tory turns Jeff down when he asks her out on a date. Blake approaches Tory and offers to give her a makeover. After she watches Blake and Ross playfully think of ideas for their Halloween costumes, Tory agrees to let Blake make her over. While Rick stocks Harley’s house with baby supplies, Harley pressures him to give an answer to her proposal. When she leaves to show Buzz some new baby pictures, Mel stops by and questions Rick about his arrangement with Harley. Mel and Rick share a kiss. Meanwhile, Babe, Gus’ FBI boss, has come back to town to remind Gus not to let this case get personal again. She tells him that he has two weeks to make a legitimate case against Danny. Harley goes to Company and informs Gus that she and Rick are planning on taking their relationship to the next level. Harley leaves and Gus is unable to get her off of his mind. When she returns home, Rick suggests that they not rush into marriage, but he agrees to move in with her. Tony arrives at Company and asks Sam about his plans to leave Springfield. Sam tells Tony that he has accepted Holly’s job offer and is staying in town. In San Cristobel, Cassie and Alonzo enjoy a makeshift breakfast. Cassie is certain that as long as Richard knows that she’s with Alonzo he won’t be concerned about her. She tells Alonzo that she was surprised by how easily he gave up his child and why she wants him to remain a part of Will’s life. Alonzo is amazed by Cassie’s generosity and embraces her. Richard arrives on the beach just in time to see them in each other’s arms. When Richard tells them about Walton’s accusations, Alonzo explains where Walton’s animosity came from. Richard doesn’t believe that Alonzo is as much of a stand up guy as Cassie does.