Undercover Boss
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Episode 759 - Friday, 8th November 2002
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Josh is stunned when he comes home and finds Reva waiting for him. Ross, Cassie, Marah and Shayne fill Josh in on what happened. Overwhelmed by the celebration, Cassie leaves to say her own private goodbye to Richard. Harley tells Rick her plan to raise both Jude and Zach and to have Gus by her side. Rick doesn’t want to take sides between her and Phillip, but agrees to swear in court that he doesn’t have a problem with Harley and Gus. Carmen calls Danny on the beach to set up a meeting for the following night. Danny alerts Gus that it is going to go down tomorrow, unaware that Carmen plans to kill him that very night. Carmen orders Eden to get Tony home and to keep him occupied for some time. Eden calls Tony, pulling him away from Danny, and pretends to not be feeling well so that he will come home to her. Tony is furious that Eden lied to him, but allows her to seduce him. Later, Gus plants an undercover cop to follow Danny and runs to Harley and asks for her help in getting Eden out of the Santos house. They charge out and interrupt Tony and Eden. Eden confides in Gus that she has to occupy Tony for Carmen and Gus fears that she may be going after Danny right now. He calls his back up, but Carmen has knocked the police officer out. On the beach, Danny comes face to face with a gun wielding Carmen.