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Undercover Boss Interview: Greg Miller, Utah Jazz
Posted on Feb 25, 2014 10:10am

We spoke with the latest Undercover Boss, Greg Miller of the Utah Jazz about his journey. Find out what he had to say below!

What made you decide to go Undercover?

They asked! I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to do two things. One, discover ways to improve our organization that I wouldn't be able to do. Two, being familiar with the show, I was really eager to have an opportunity to bless the lives of the employees [with rewards].

What was the most memorable moment when you went Undercover?

In my first job, I was setting up the arena with Dennis. I walked into the arena, I introduced myself as Mark Scott. He said, I only have 2 rules, don't drop the floor and don't drop the Lexus tables (high end tables for guests). The thing that was memorable to me was the basketball floor, it was named after my dad. I was immediately impressed with something that had my dads name on it and that he took such great care of it. Also, the chicken basket selling contest was also memorable. (Watch a sneak peek of the clip here!)

Which employee's story touched you the most?

Manny's story, he's gone through so much in his young life with the loss of his family in the car crash and the challenges he faces. Because of his neighborhood with the negative influences around him, he had to work really hard with the situation he is in.

What do you take away from your Undercover Boss experience?

It's a combination of even greater appreciation for the privilege of being a part of an organization that is full of so many wonderful employees and the opportunity I had to get to know some of those employees better.

Did you learn anything through your Undercover experience that you didn't before?

One of the things that came of it was we needed to replace the mechanism that carries the risers. We learned that we needed to get some new riser mechanism/structure. We also learned that there is some need among the 10,000 employees in our organization. In the likelihood that any of them are dealing with a catastrophic issue, we have created a resource that those employees can turn to in the event of a need in their personal lives. It will be a blessing to them. It will be one more thing that our family does to make them feel appreciated.

Have you always been a basketball fan? What makes you passionate about the sport?

I've been a basketball fan for a really long time since my parents bought the team in the mid 1980s. Seeing how fast the game is and how talented the players are, it's a real privilege for me to sit where I sit during the games and to see those players do what they do. They are amazing athletes.

Would you ever go undercover again?

Yeah, I would say I would. It was a good experience.

What advice would you have for people who want to rise up in their companies?

Learn everything you can of your area of responsibility and perform them as well as you possibly can. At the same time, go out of your way to develop relationships with people in the organization that have influence in your career path.