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Undercover Boss Interview: Jeff Platt, Sky Zone
Posted on Mar 12, 2014 03:25pm

We spoke with Jeff Platt, the latest boss to go Undercover. See what he had to say about his journey! Tune into the season finale of Undercover Boss Friday, March 14 at 8/7c!

What was the most memorable moment that happened when you went undercover?
I don't think it was one moment. I think the reveal as a whole; being able to be in a position to do things for people is really incredible. I think I am so lucky to have been on the show to be able to change their lives. It gives you an enormous sense of pride. It was one of the greatest experiences I had working on the brand. What did you hope to accomplish by going undercover in your company? I hoped to gain greater insight into what the part-time team members at our locations go through on an everyday basis.

Which employee's story touched you the most?
I don't think any one individual story touched me more than others, they are all unique in their own right. I was most impressed about having the opportunity to learn about each of these individual's personal lives. As the CEO you wouldn't have the experience if you were speaking to them as CEO, undercover I'm able to get to know them at a different level. What was most amazing is they all faced some sort of adversity. Even in those instances, they all have a great attitude about themselves. It was amazing to see young people having gone through so much, yet still be very energetic, positive and happy people.

How did it feel to take over Sky Zone at such a young age?
I saw it as a challenge and I believe that you as an individual define who you are by how you go through adversity. When you are presented with adversity or a challenge, those are opportunities to learn and grow as a human being. That's how I look at my job. I try and use it to an advantage. Plus, our main target market is young!

What did you think of your disguise?
It reminded me why I never grew my hair out. I thought it was a good disguise, I looked interesting.

What do you take away from your Undercover Boss experience?
The number one thing I took away was how lucky I am and how cool our company is. We get to create an environment where people have a really awesome place to work that they love and are passionate about. I feel lucky and have a sense of pride. I didn't expect it going in, but it was extremely motivating and made me want to continue to grow the company.

Would you ever go Undercover again?

Did you learn anything through your experience undercover that you didn't know before?
I don't think it was things I didn't know, I think there were things I learned that could be done more efficiently. That was good to see. I'm more far removed from the operations of our parks, so getting back in and dealing with guests and part-time team members was helpful.

What advice would you have for others who want to rise in their companies?
I really believe that two things lead to success. The things that are most important are passion and hard work. You can't replace those two and you can't teach that. The more passionate you are, the harder you will work. If you work hard and are passionate and have integrity, you can accomplish almost anything. Also, how you deal with adversity is a big part of becoming a leader. To become a really good leader you have to understand the importance of a team. It's not a one man show, you need a really solid team in order to be successfull.