Get To Know The Employees of True Value: Employee Descriptions

Posted on Dec 9, 2014 | 12:35pm

Prepare to get to know the employees featured on the season premiere of Undercover Boss.

Brad: Sales Associate
Brad is a Boston Bad Boy working as a Sales Associate for True Value. His love of pursuing women doesn’t stop when he gets to work. In fact, the hardware store is the best place to pick women up, according to Brad. However, he loves to help others and he does do his job well. He just needs to stop trying to get the phone number of every woman he helps!

Terrell: Stocking Associate
Terrell is an enthusiastic warehouse employee with a rough past. He has overcome so much and is able to put a smile on his face each day when he comes to work because he wants to give his daughter a better life than he had. His dream is to go to school for juvenile criminal justice in order to help youth who grew up with similar backgrounds.

Chris: Front End Manager
Enthusiastic and hard working to the core, Chris strives to support his new wife and daughter while paying the mortgage. His drive comes out of necessity, since his father committed suicide 7 years prior, leaving Chris with a lot to overcome. His love of True Value makes coming to work every morning an easy task.

Lexi: Cashier
With a bright and cheery disposition, Lexi takes care of customers as they enter the store and as they check out. She loves making sure each and every person leaves with a smile. She’s working hard to pay off her student loans and continue her education in nursing school, though her true passion is to be an Aesthetician.