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Get To Know The Employees of Rocket Fizz: Employee Descriptions

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 | 10:55am

Get to know the employees featured when the boss of Rocket Fizz, Rob Powells, goes undercover.
Marianne- Franchise Owner
Marianne is a bubbly mom who loves owning her own Rocket Fizz. After her brother’s passing, she decided to follow her passion and open up her own Rocket Fizz franchise. She works alongside her staff, instead of managing them from afar, and is often stuck in the back doing endless inventory, instead of running the business on the sales floor and talking to her customers. She throws her heart and soul into the store and enjoys having her entire family working by her side.
Kim - Sales Associate
This bubbly self-described “fizzateer,” loves her job and has a true passion for candy. As a sales associate she deals with a lot of customers and loves the fact she gets to interact with people everyday. She works hard to put herself through school in hopes of one day becoming a sign language interpreter. Her ultimate dream is to open up a Rocket Fizz franchise in Riverside, CA, close to the Deaf Institute.
Ben- Bottling Operations Manager
Ben is a rocket of energy who feels right at home in the Rocket Fizz bottling plant. Ben has his hands and eyes on everything. Even though he works long shifts and is the sole provider for his family of four, nothing gets this loyal employee down. Ben lost his brother recently but still approaches every day with an unstoppable zeal. His zest for life, work and family could inspire anyone.
Daniel- Warehouse Worker
This family man lives and breathes for his wife and kids. Coming from a broken home, Daniel works hard everyday to keep his family together. He must provide for his wife, who’s battling lupus, and take care of his kids. He feels fortunate to have the constant work with Rocket Fizz, but struggles to pay for his wife’s medical bills.