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5 Things To Know Before the Boss of Rocket Fizz Goes Undercover: Rob Powells

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 | 01:35pm

Get the inside scoop on everything you need to know before you watch Rob Powells go undercover.

1. Rob Powells is the co-founder and president of Rocket Fizz, which has become the largest soda pop and candy shop franchise in America.
2. He created the logo for Rocket Fizz himself.
3. He will work four different jobs undercover. He'll work as a sales associate, bottling operations manager, franchise owner, and warehouse associate.
4. When Rob and his co-founder, Ryan Morgan, were rejected by banks for a loan to start their business, they took matters into their own hands. Rocket Fizz was partially financed by the co-owners selling fake dog poop.
5. While Rob was undercover it was hard for him to thank customers for coming into Rocket Fizz. He had to constantly remind himself he was undercover.