Get To Know The Employees of Armando Montelongo Companies: Employee Descriptions

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 | 11:05am

Get to know the employees featuring in the latest Undercover Boss episode featuring Armando Montelongo companies, a top real estate company that specializes in educational seminars that teach wealth creation and financial independence.
Angel- Electrician
Angel is a no-nonsense, detail-oriented electrician. He’s been working the house-flipping business for a long time and knows exactly what it takes to bring a house up to code. He uses his father as an example of hard work and strives to be like him. Though he has a great work ethic, the economy’s downturn still affected him. He had to declare bankruptcy and is still recovering.
Shannon - Student
Shannon is a bartender hoping to change her life with a career in house flipping. She attended Armando’s events so she can eventually earn more money to help her working mom and mentally ill sister. She’s trying her best to keep it together for them, and she’s put a lot on the line.
Sarah - Free Preview Event Room Director
Sarah is one of Armando’s “rock star” sellers. She works with students to get them to sign up for the real estate advice that Armando provides in his seminars. She travels with the seminars and wishes her schedule was more predictable. Sarah works hard in order to support her family, including her mom and dad.  
Amanda - Call Service Agent
Being a team leader with Armando Montelongo companies requires passion and skill, and Amanda has both in spades. She strives to make sure each and every student who calls gets the care and respect he/she deserves. She loves the company, but feels there are a lot of ways to improve the call center and communication between the departments.