Get To Know The Employees of Peavey Electronics: Employee Descriptions

Posted on Feb 13, 2015 | 11:20am
Learn more about the employees featured on Undercover Boss: Peavey Electronics.

Ajay: Sales and Tech Support
Ajay is a jack-of-all-trades sales and tech associate. He lives and breathes Peavey Electronics. As a young boy in India, he developed a passion for music and convinced his father to let him come to the U.S. to pursue his dream.
Thresa: Circuit Board Technician
This hard-working mother of five has been with Peavey Electronics for 24 years. She started from the hand assembly line and then got her associate’s degree in electronics to become a technician, all while raising five kids. She dreams of going back to school to become a manufacturing engineer, but is struggling to pay off her student loans.
Michael: Cabinet Assembly Leader
Two months after coming off the streets to work for Peavey, he was promoted to Group Leader for the cabinet assembly and takes great pride in his work. He’s trying to take care of his family and sick mother. He hopes to move his family to a safer neighborhood and give his children the life he never had.