Exclusive Boss Q&A: Gigi Butler

Posted on Feb 16, 2015 | 09:00am
Get the inside scoop straight from Gigi Butler of Gigi's Cupcakes about her time undercover.

Which undercover job did you find the hardest?
All of them were hard in their own way. The one that really stumped me was cake decorating while working with fondant with Cheryl. That was the hardest job and it was even more difficult because I had to pretend it wasn’t me.

How did you find the determination to begin your own business?
I came from a father and mother that had entrepreneurial spirits. I started my own cleaning company when I was 15. Then I moved to Nashville to be a singer/song writer, with nothing to my name and formed a band. I was never afraid to fail.

How did you feel when Cee changed the cupcake recipe? Did you consider breaking cover?
I didn’t consider breaking cover but I had to take a little time out because I was very upset!

How did you feel when Cheryl was rough on you when you were decorating cakes?
I appreciate that she’s stickler and wants things done right. She was a little harsh, but I admire how she wants it done perfectly and the right way.

Were you worried that the employees would recognize you in your disguise?
Every second! I was scared to death!

What are your goals for Gigi’s in the future?
I would love for every household in America to enjoy the Gigi’s Cupcakes experience.  We plan to grow and expand, spreading love, one cupcake at a time!  I hope to continue to build bakery shops all across the country and all around the world. I’d also enjoy sharing the craft of baking, cooking and entertaining, so hosting my own TV cooking show of some sort would be amazing.  I’d love that opportunity. I have enjoyed speaking to different organizations all over the country and hope to continue to do that – sharing my story and hopefully inspiring others to be an entrepreneur and follow their dreams.

Were you able to connect with your family members about the disagreements in the past?
Every family has their challenges and continues to love each other – that’s what’s great about family. We are resolving our past disagreements, healing and connecting one day at a time.