A Message From the Creator/Executive Producer of Undercover Boss: Stephen Lambert Sheds Light on the Peavey Electronics Episode

Posted on Feb 15, 2015 | 09:55am
Dear Undercover Boss Viewers,
The conclusion of tonight’s Peavey episode is unexpected, and we wanted to share some background perspective. Since the premiere of Undercover Boss in 2010, we’ve set out to portray the inner workings of companies through the eyes and voices of undercover bosses and frontline employees. We do not endorse the companies or featured bosses as models to follow.  By simply presenting the story as it unfolds, we leave the audience to form their own opinions and play "Armchair CEO” while watching the show.  Most of the stories we’re lucky enough to tell on the series are inspirational, and many times conclude with the boss offering life-changing rewards for the hardworking frontline employees.  Sometimes stories don’t end so perfectly, and we present those to the audience as well. In the case of Peavey, something unfortunate happened after we completed filming, which changed Thresa and Michael’s stories in a significant way…and we don’t believe the episode would have been accurate without this updated information.  Thank you as always for being loyal viewers and fans.
Best regards,
Stephen Lambert, Creator/Executive Producer, UNDERCOVER BOSS