Buffalo Wings & Rings CEO Dishes About Experience On Undercover Boss

Find out what happened when Nader Masadeh, President of the restaurant chain, went undercover.
Posted on Dec 21, 2015 | 12:55pm
When President and CEO Nader Masadeh, also known as "The Sauce King of Cincinnati," went on Undercover Boss to guarantee that each of his Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurants had the recipe for success, he found one kitchen was almost too hot to handle when faced with a fiery manager.

Nader, his father, and a few other investors purchased the Buffalo Wings & Rings concept in 2005 when the franchise only had four locations. Ten years later, the club-level sports restaurant franchise has 66 locations, all of which feature a chef-inspired, family-friendly menu.

As CEO, he plans to continue expanding his wing empire to over 100 locations in the next few years. So, in order to ensure the hot sauce kept flowing in the right direction, it was imperative for Nader to go into the field and see firsthand what was—and wasn't—working.

Find out what really happened when Nader went undercover. 

Were you worried that the employees would recognize you in your disguise?
Nader Masadeh: For sure. I’m a familiar face to many franchisees and employees. I’ve been around the brand for over 10 years. They have seen me in their stores or our office or at conferences.

What was the most eye-opening part of your experience?
[This is] something I have always known, but it reaffirmed for me how important our front line associate is to the success of our brand, and how much our training program plays a role in delivering that club level experience we aim to achieve.

Which employee's story moved you the most?
Dave, the dishwasher and Buffalo Wings & Rings Local Marketing Ambassador.

What's in store for the future of Buffalo Wings & Rings?
Moving forward, my goals are to continue our controlled growth and expand our training program. I’d like to create a new franchise training position; someone who would travel from store to store for the purpose of teaching our methods, helping to promote our culture and values, and who would continue to educate our associates about the vision of Buffalo Wings & Rings.

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