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Hamburger Mary's Co-Owners Dish About Their Experience On Undercover Boss Find out what happened when twin brothers Ashley and Brandon Wright went undercover together
Posted on May 16, 2016 03:20pm

When Hamburger Mary's co-owners and identical twin brothers Ashley and Brandon Wright went undercover to perform separate jobs in their LGBT-friendly restaurants, they accomplished a lot more than they ever thought they would.

During their journey, Ashley found out if it was a drag working as a dancer and Brandon was pushed to the limit while training with a money-hungry waitress.

Let's hear what Ashley and Brandon had to say following their unique experience on the latest episode of Undercover Boss!

1. Ashley, how did it feel performing in drag?
Ashley: "Performing in drag is a very liberating experience. You get to be someone else for a little while and can be as over-the-top as you want to be. This wasn't my first time in drag. I actually have my own drag alter-ego [named] 'Apple Brown Betty' that I bring out from time to time. But it's nothing like what I had to do on Undercover Boss.

When I've done drag before, it's usually silly and fun. Performing with Jayla, I felt a lot of pressure to remember dance steps and lyrics. It was a lot to remember in a short time and definitely harder than it looks."

2. What was the most challenging part of going undercover?
Ashley: "Honestly, the most challenging part was staying undercover. There were several times when I wanted to correct something or do something that would have likely given me away. It was also a physical challenge keeping that hairpiece on!"

Brandon: "I was not expecting every job to be a cake-walk. I mean, I've seen the show! But working with Tristan was very challenging. The job was fast-paced and she was not very helpful. It was also our first 'undercover job,' so we decided I would have a silly Southern accent. Jacksonville is a location we visit frequently, so I was worried about being discovered and wanted to add another layer of disguise.

One of the owners also walked into the restaurant while we were filming. I thought my cover was blown for sure. It was hard to concentrate on maintaining the accent while also working with a difficult server, avoiding people I knew would recognize me, and also staying undercover! There was a lot to juggle!"

3. What did this experience teach you about yourself and/or your business?
Ashley: "This experience taught me to slow down a little and spend more time getting to know my employees. Everyone has a story to tell, if you take the time to hear it—especially at Hamburger Mary's! We have a pretty amazing cast of characters working for us."

Brandon: "Working at Hamburger Mary's takes a special kind of person. It can be very fast-paced and stressful. I left Undercover Boss with a greater appreciation for the people on the front lines of our business. The overwhelming majority of them do a fantastic job. This is not really something I didn't already know, but it certainly was reinforced."

4. What was the most fun part of your undercover experience?
Ashley: "I think the most fun part was being able to do this with my brother. It would have been pretty stressful to be undercover on my own, like other bosses on the show. But we had each other to debrief, bounce ideas off of, vent to, and have a beer with at the end of the day. It was no vacation, by any means, but overall it was pretty fun."

Brandon: "Watching Ashley go undercover with Jayla was very entertaining. It was just a lot of fun watching on the TV from the RV. I kinda wanted to join in! I think that was by far the most fun of any of our undercover jobs."

5. Which employee left the biggest impression on you, and why?
"I think Kenny had the biggest impact on me. Brandon and I are fortunate that we didn't have to deal with being rejected by our family [when we came out], but we also didn't come out until we were older. Sadly, Kenny's story is not uncommon. I know a lot of people who aren't accepted by their families. It can really take a toll on you.

To hear Kenny talk about Hamburger Mary's as his 'new family' really moved me. It made me feel proud that we are the stewards of this great brand with a long history of acceptance in the LGBT community."

Brandon: "I agree with Ashley. Kenny left a big impression on me, as well. I'm glad he found an accepting family at Hamburger Mary's. I hope his real family sees the show and realizes what they are missing out on."

6. What do you hope for the future of Hamburger Mary’s?
Ashley: "We hope to bring the Hamburger Mary's brand of glam-kitsch-drag-burger joints to more cities across the country, so that everyone can 'eat, drink, and be... MARY!'

Brandon: "I think the future of Hamburger Mary's is bright. We are very proud of where we have come and hope to continue bringing Mary's flamboyance to other cities."

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