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FASTSIGNS International: Catherine Monson

Posted on May 2, 2012 | 01:44pm

Catherine Monson, President and CEO of FASTSIGNS International

Background: Catherine has many years of experience in the printing industry and prior to becoming the CEO of FASTSIGNS she was the president of PIP printing and marketing in Southern California for 28 years.

Why the boss wants to go undercover: Catherine has done a great job in turning FASTSIGNS around since the latest recession began, however, she is hoping this experience will help her propel this company to even greater heights.

Jobs That She Will Do While Undercover:

Production: Production is the heart and soul of the sign business and the quality is of up most importance to Catherine. When given 40 signs and a craft knife, how will this boss handle the pressure?

Site surveys: Site surveys are the beginning of every big project. Catherine has to brave the elements and work outdoors on a site survey but her employee is not impressed by the boss' prima-donna attitude.

Installation: Catherine has never touched a sign, let alone installed one. How will this impatient boss deal with applying decals to a truck?

Franchise owner: Large-scale installs are an imperative part of the FASTSIGNS business. Catherine is fearful when she is transported four stories high in a cherry-picker to do an install on the side of a building.

Featured Employees:
Sheldon, Production
Jenn, Manager
Gary, Installation
Scott, Franchise Owner