The Flamingo Hotel

In 1946 Benjamin Bugsy Siegel opened the Flamingo Las Vegas. It was the first luxury resort of its kind featuring 105 guestrooms, a casino, nine gift shops, a health club, a 40-horse stable, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a nine-hole golf course and a trapshooting range.

Ralph Lamb is Born

Born on August 6, 1927: Mr and Mrs. A.C. Lamb announce the birth of their first son, Ralph Emery, at the Lamb Ranch. Ralph is 7 lb. 16 oz. and Mom and baby are healthy.

The Aladdin

Previously known as Tally-Ho (1963-1964), and King's Crown (1964-1966), The Aladdin opened in March 1966. One year after opening, The Aladdin hosted Elvis and Priscilla Presley's wedding in 1967. They closed their doors in 1997, and reopened as Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in 2007.

Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky (1902-1983) was a player in both the Jewish Mafia and the Italian Mafia. He made a name for himself during Prohibition, working with his close friend Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel as a Bootlegger. It was with Lansky's help that Siegel was able to convince the heads of the Syndicate to invest in building the Flamingo.

Tony Spilotro

Anthony (Tony) "The Ant" Spilotro (1938-1986) was one of the most infamous men in the city's history. He was sent to Vegas in 1971 by the Outfit and with his arrival he took control of the local underworld. In Martin Scorsese's 1995 "Casino," Joe Pesci's character is based on Tony Spilotro.

In 1909 gambling was outlawed in the state of Nevada. And, while gambling took place illegally for many years, it was officially legalized in March 1931 by the state legislature.

Downtown Las Vegas was born on a hot, dusty day in 1905 when a railroad auctioneer's gavel gave a sharp rap and bidding began on 40 blocks of railroad land. The price for prime Fremont Street frontage was $1,750. By evening, the new owners were already hammering together boards and canvas for shops and saloons. Poker chips, whiskey and wild women accompany the building of the railroad boomtown.

Originally built in 1952, the Moroccan-themed Sahara was the setting for the original "Ocean's Eleven" film. The Sahara has played host to nearly every big-name performer. In 2007, sbe and Stockbridge Capital Group acquired the iconic resort and later announced plans for the property to undergo a dramatic transformation to become SLS Las Vegas.

1949 The Golden Nugget opened its doors for an initial investment of $1,000,000 and was named the "largest casino in the world".

Charles "Lucky" Luciano is known as the father of organized crime in America. Meyer Lansky was his childhood friend and most trusted associate. When Luciano went to prison and was eventually deported from the US, he told his bosses to listen to Lansky. Here are Meyer and Teddy Lansky having dinner with Luciano.

In 1970, the United States eventually charged Lansky with tax evasion, which he was acquitted for in 1974.  On paper, Lansky was worth almost nothing.  The FBI believed he left behind over $300 million in hidden bank accounts, but they never found any money.  Pictured: Lansky with his wife, Teddy, in Miami beach in 1948.

Flamingo statues were given out to hotel guests on the eve of the Flamingo's opening, December 26, 1946. Today, the Flamingo's garden courtyard is home to real flamingoes and a number of other exotic birds.

Between Spilotro's violent antics, crime wave, and an affair with Gerri Rosenthal, wife of Lefty Rosenthal, the Chicago bosses had had enough. His and his brother Michael's lives ended dramatically when they were tortured, beaten and buried alive in a cornfield in Enos, Indiana. Here are Tony and Gerri in the 1970's.

For more than 45 years, Caesars Palace has hosted world-famous performers including Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Liberace, Bette Midler, Rod Stewart, Elton John and Celine Dion.

Caesars Palace opened its doors on August 5, 1966.  It was comprised of the Roman Tower, one 14-story tower with 680 rooms nestled on the 34-acre site. Today, Caesars Palace spans 85 acres and although the Roman Tower still stands, there are five additional towers bringing the resorts total room count to 3,960.

The Riviera opened on April 20, 1955 as the first high-rise on the Las Vegas strip.  Liberace headlined the first night, and continued for years following.  The Riviera is often selected as a film location due to its history and recognition as a Las Vegas landmark.

When the Rivera opened it paved the way for new architectural design in Las Vegas. Previously, most hotels were in the style of roadside motor courts.  The Riviera's numerous levels and modern architecture set a new standard for Vegas hotels.

The Riviera hosts one of the longest running Las Vegas shows, "Crazy Girls" which marks its 25th anniversary this year.  Portions of the following films took place at the Riviera: "Ocean's Eleven" (1960), "Casino" (1995), "Vegas Vacation" (1997), "3,000 Miles to Graceland" (2001), and "The Hangover" (2009).

The La Concha Motel opened in 1961. Its design was inspired by the "Googie," or coffee-shop, architectural style, and resembled a seashell. The motel was raised in 2003, but the lobby was relocated to the site of the Neon Museum for use as the venue's visitors' center.

VIDEO: On Location

Get a behind the scenes look on location with the cast of Vegas, including Dennis Quaid, Michael Chiklis, and Carrie-Anne Moss!

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The Flamingo Hotel

Where would Las Vegas be without this Bugsy Siegel landmark hotel? Since 1946 the dice hasn't stopped rolling with a 15-acre Carribbean-style pool not to be missed.

Click on the map pins to discover both historical facts about Las Vegas and to experience behind the scenes video and photos from the show!

The Las Vegas Sign

Unveiled in 1959 and designed by artist Betty Willis - who's parents came to Las Vegas in a covered wagon. It features the now world famous slogan "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas".

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Fremont Street

The exterior of Fremont Street is quite a feat of engineering....this set is built to look like 60 feet tall buildings onscreen but is actually 20 feet high with 15 feet support below ground.

Dennis Quaid

Did you know? Dennis portrayed President Bill Clinton in the cable movie, "The Special Relationship," for which he received Emmy Award and Golden Globe nominations.

The Savoy Casino Floor

The slot machines featured here from the casino floor set are real and made of cast iron and still work.

The Savoy Casino Gaming Tables

The white and gold chairs of the Savoy Casino set were actually from a real Vegas casino which Set Decorator Barbara Cassel had recovered; they were all originally red Naugahyde!

The Savoy Casino Lobby

The entrance area of the fictional Savoy Casino was inspired by several genre movies from that era. 

Set Secrets

Can you spot the mirror trickery while watching on-air? On the far left and far right of this photo are mirrored arches which create the illusion of a larger space...  another set secret? The magenta lights in the ceiling were changed to gold before production began!

The Savoy Casino Exterior

The exterior awning to the fictional Savoy Casino...  was built large enough to stage full scale scenes under the awning and the cars are true to the period and road ready.

Michael Chiklis

"Vegas is my town now and I'll do whatever it takes to protect it." - Vincent Savino

Click on the map pins to discover both historical facts about Las Vegas and to experience behind the scenes video and photos from the show! Use your mouse to click and drag to explore the map.

Michael Chiklis

Did you know? Michael played the role of John Belushi in the film version of the controversial book "Wired", a role he auditioned for days after his college graduation.

Click on the map pins to discover both historical facts about Las Vegas and to experience behind the scenes video and photos from the show! Use your mouse to click and drag to explore the map.

Dennis Quaid

Did you know? Dennis portrayed President Bill Clinton in the cable movie "The Special Relationship", for which the received an Emmy Award and Golden Globe.

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