Victoria's Secret Top Execs Take Us Behind The Scenes Of This Year's Shanghai Show Executive Producers Ed Razek and Monica Mitro share exclusive insider information about the annual fashion event.
Posted on Nov 16, 2017 10:00am

Meet Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Executive Producers Monica Mitro and Ed Razek, the creative minds behind the must-see event, which is available now with CBS All Access. Together, they oversee all aspects of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show production, including casting, wing creation, set and stage design, and more.

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Monica and Ed gave us an exclusive inside look into this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai. Read on to earn your wings!

First up, we spoke to Monica Mitro, Executive Producer of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, who told us a little about the casting and themes behind this year's event.

STREAM: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Now On CBS All Access

What goes into deciding which model wears what outfit?

Monica Mitro: When we allocate models in their outfits, we are casting characters within the themes. Each model has her own distinct style, and we make sure that they are in an outfit that they will bring to life on the stage.

What inspired the looks in this year's show?

Mitro: We get our inspiration from history, different cultures, stories, street style, movies, fashion, art, and music. There is no end to creative assets.

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What are the qualities of an official Victoria's Secret Angel?

Mitro: We look for models that are not just physically beautiful, but also strong, self-confident, unique women. Our Victoria's Secret Angels are brand ambassadors and role models to millions of people.

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Next, we talked to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Producer Ed Razek, who shared some exciting info about this year's show. He also reminisced about some of his favorite moments from over the years.

How does this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show differ from previous shows?

Ed Razek: Being half a world away with a 12- or 13-hour time difference inevitably adds a level of complexity. The Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai gave us opportunities for scale, production, and added elements that we never had before. We have two runways and a performance area through the center. This promises to be our biggest, most ambitious show yet.

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Out of all the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, which theme, segment, and/or pair of wings has stood out to you above the rest?

Razek: Heidi Klum once had a pair of wings that opened up like a Christmas tree ornament. They were really cool, and the crowd loved them.

Who had the most emotional reaction to getting her Angel wings?

Razek: Josephine Skriver's reaction was priceless. She was incredibly emotional, [she] couldn't catch her breath and was holding back tears. It was one of my favorite moments.

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