Beth Hall’s Travel Hotlist

The Mom star shares her top travel spots and favorite vacation finds.
Posted on Jan 12, 2017 | 07:00am
Favorite place
When my mother retired, she took the whole family to Maui. I remember snorkeling for the first time. It was so quiet under the warm water and so clear. My husband and I held hands while we looked at the fish and coral. It was the most romantic thing we've ever done.
Travel prep
I get an email from Travelzoo quite often that gives their picks for great deals and trips. I love looking through them and imagining I had time to go somewhere!
Hotel amenity indulgence
I always love the idea of room service. It seems so decadent!
Most memorable meal
When I was in my twenties, travelling with a friend in Paris, we stopped at a little cafe in the off hours. All the waiters were eating their meal and I asked them what they were eating. He looked at this American girl with a sneer and pointed to his tongue. To his surprise, I ordered that and it was the most delicious meal I ever had!
Can’t leave home without
Books! It's one of the few times I let myself just read for pleasure.
Touristy fun
I guess just taking photos standing in front of landmarks! Yeah, I was there, too!
Next on travel bucket list
Next big trip will be Italy. My husband is Italian and he's never been there. I'd also love to take my daughter on a real African safari when she's a little older.
Photo Credits (from left to right): vlad61/Getty Images (Maui); encrier/Getty Images (Paris); Jeremy Lee (Beth Hall); Andreka/Getty Images (books); bluejayphoto/Getty Images (Venice, Italy).
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