All You Can Watch On CBS All Access

A brand-new world of out-of-this-world CBS entertainment and sports events is right at your fingertips.
Posted on Jun 16, 2017 | 06:00am
All-access usually makes you think of a shiny laminated pass that lets you go backstage or on the field to see your favorite stars. But wouldn't it be nice if those stars came to you? That's where CBS All Access comes in. The new video-on-demand and live-streaming platform allows you to watch everything from I Love Lucy and Star Trek to Twin Peaks and live March Madness games on any device you wish, all from the coziness of your couch. So toss off your shoes and get comfortable: You can now hang out with Marcia Brady, Spock, and Jeff Probst whenever you want. And you don't even need to make appetizers.
What can you see? 
CBS All Access provides over 8,500 episodes of CBS favorites like The Brady BunchSurvivor, and CSI. It’s the best place for viewers to binge on full seasons of those and other CBS programs as well as new, must-see shows, like The Good Fight—a spin-off of The Good Wife—and the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery. Also available are other exclusive features such as the Big Brother 24-7 live feed and Grammy Live, where enthusiasts can indulge in awards-show content that can't be seen anywhere else. Additionally, CBS All Access airs local CBS stations in almost all markets across the U.S. 
How can you see it? 
The service can be accessed easily on major devices, including AppleTV, Android, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, Windows 10, Google Chromecast, FireTV, and PS4. You can also watch on smartphones and tablets through the CBS app. There are two payment options. For $5.99 a month, you can watch CBS All Access with limited commercials on recent shows. (There are no ads on classic content.) Or for $9.99, you can watch CBS All Access entirely commercial-free. Live streaming of local CBS affiliates will have the ads aired on those stations.
What’s not to love? 
CBS All Access is easy to test-drive. There’s a free one-month trial period, and the service is paid monthly, so you can enroll or pause as you please. And to keep the peace in homes everywhere, you can stream it on more than one device at a time, so your kids can enjoy Everybody Hates Chris while you binge on Madam Secretary and reenter The Twilight Zone.
Of course, no one knows the allure of CBS All Access more than the legions of Star Trek fans out there. In addition to the original Star Trek series, there are the Deep Space NineThe Next Generation, Enterprise, and Voyager series, with close to 700 episodes.
In fact, with anticipation reaching warp speed for the new Star Trek: Discovery, you might say CBS All Access is not unlike the U.S.S. Enterprise, heading toward the final frontier and boldly going where no network has gone before. 

By Tom Roston | Originally published in Watch! Magazine, June 2017.
Photo Credits: Scott Wooledge (Illustration); Can Yesil/Shutterstock (iPad); Cliff Lipson/CBS (Valderrama); ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images (Twin Peaks); John P. Filo/CBS (Brady); AF Archive/Alamy Stock Photo (Locklear); Patrick Harbron/CBS (Jumbo); CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images (Star Trek); Monty Brinton/CBS (NCIS); CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images (Everybody Hates Chris).
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