James Wolk's Travel Hotlist Zoo star James Wolk shares his top travel spots and favorite vacation finds.
Posted on Aug 3, 2017 06:00am

Fun Way to Discover a Destination
I like to wake up and go for a run—you get to go through the town on foot. You just get lost. Set the timer. Once I'm two and a half miles out, I come back. That's how I can eat those beignets! I've run all over New Orleans [where Zoo used to shoot].

Most Memorable Meal
I was in Cinque Terre, Italy, and we had homemade pasta and wine. I'll never forget that amazing experience.

Unforgettable Vacation
One of my favorite places in California is Santa Ynez in wine country. It's very quaint. I really enjoy that. My favorite destination in the world, that I've been to, is maybe Kauai in Hawaii. It's very beautiful and remote.

Favorite Amenity
The towels! I use, like, nine of them.

Next on Travel Bucket List
I want to go to Iceland. I don't know why. Something about it just interests me. It's so far away. It's different. And yeah, I'm a water guy. I love to get in it, look at it—the whole nine yards.

As told to Deanna Barnert | Originally published in Watch! Magazine, July-August 2017

Photo Credits: Andy Marx (Wolk); Sean Pavone Photo/Getty Images (New Orleans); Franz Marc Frei/LOOK-foto/Getty Images (Cinque Terra); Courtesy Kauai Visitors Bureau, Kicka Witte (Kauai); powerofforever/Getty Images (Iceland).

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