Join Duane Henry For A Pint On His British-Inspired Photo Shoot Grab a seat at the bar or a spot at the billiards table with NCIS star Duane Henry in this Watch! production.
Posted on Aug 7, 2017 06:00am

At the Underground Pub & Grill in Hermosa Beach, California, Duane Henry was in his element. Between the light drizzle and the establishment's intimate vibe and familiar menu, this Birmingham native felt like he was back in his hometown. "It feels great. It's raining outside, the pub setting, I'm surrounded by fish and chips, and my favorite drink, a Guinness. It reminds me of home."

And just like his character MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, Henry was dressed to the nines for this Watch! photo shoot. "Clothes make the man!" We agree, Duane, and you look incredible!

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