Binge-Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Our writer dives into The CW's hit show and gives her report from the couch.
Posted on Sep 8, 2017 06:00am

I have been meaning to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for what feels like my whole life. As a frizzy-haired, New York-bred Jewess, the story of Rebecca Bunch, played by Rachel Bloom, felt decidedly up my alley. Add in that I almost, maybe applied to a college for the sole reason that my high school crush was a freshman there, and it seemed my destiny to be a Crazy Ex fangirl. Much like Rebecca Bunch, I’m not one to ignore destiny. So here I am, embarking on a four-day, 31-episode journey with my cray ex-bae.

Thursday, 7:46 p.m. Something to establish immediately is that the key inciting decision of the series is mostly, if not completely, predicated on an ad campaign for butter. Basically, Rebecca is a successful but deeply depressed 30-something New York lawyer who runs into her old boyfriend from camp, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), finds out he's moving home to West Covina, California, and decides to follow him. Everyone finds this insane. (Except me, as I have mentioned.) What I find insane is that while she's contemplating the move, the thing that really pushes her over the edge is a butter ad asking, "When was the last time you were truly happy?"

Personally, the last time I was happy was when I was last allowed to eat butter, before I started wedding dress fittings and a quinoa-dominant diet. Anyway, Rebecca sees this ad at her office, then on a billboard. Before I even get a chance to wonder when the last time I saw an ad for butter was, she's singing! And it's so glorious that I'm skipping past the logistical problem that she appears to have moved across country with no luggage, in just a flirty cocktail dress and heels, and now she's riding a giant pretzel and I want to eat that giant pretzel and not a smaller version. I'm about 20 minutes into this puppy, and already this show is categorically dope.

Friday, 10:42 a.m. Rebecca has settled in and is kicking ass at a law firm alongside her new BFF, Paula. We're introduced to a bartender named Greg, who is bitter/angry/kinda hot, and he is totally wrong for her and potentially an alcoholic, but she has way more chemistry with him than with stupid Josh Chan, whom I have no romantic interest in except for his crinkly smile and the fact that he has mad dance skills, including the ability to flip on cue. Nevertheless, Rebecca is still obsessed with Josh and spends an unfortunate amount of time trying to make him love her back when she should be having sex with Greg or making friendship bracelets with Paula or singing.

Saturday, 11:15 a.m. Rebecca has spent the past zillion or so episodes going back and forth between Josh and Greg even though, really, neither of them is right for her. We need a new love interest, dear God, please.

I'm also becoming quite the butter detective here and have noticed it casually on the table in at least five scenes, so I feel like I'm really using my brainpower during this passive marathon of sitting. I'm also now on to Season 2, and I feel like I've really accomplished something.

Sunday, 10:06 a.m. My prayers have been answered and we have a new love interest. (Also, Greg's gone. Because I was right and he was an alcoholic, but who cares: new love interest.) Our NLI's name is Nathaniel, and he's played by Scott Michael Foster, the cutest doodleface of a man, like, ever. I couldn't be more thrilled to see him, and I'm thinking someone should call the fire department because my loins are a-burnin'. So are Rebecca's.

This is a will-they-or-won't-they I can get behind. Especially because they will and they do make out in Episode 11. And then she's finally done with Josh, but not because of the NLI but because Josh ditched their wedding to become a priest. And oh, my God, it's 5:23 p.m. and the season finale just ended. Wait. I'm done with this binge? How did this happen? What do I do with my life now? Google some butter ads, I guess.

By Emily Hirshey | Originally published in Watch! Magazine, July-August 2017.

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