Quotable: Sonequa Martin-Green, In Her Own Words

Check out these exclusive interview snippets from the Star Trek: Discovery actress.
Posted on Oct 2, 2017 | 06:00am
Sonequa Martin-Green lights up the screen in Star Trek: Discovery as First Officer Michael Burnham. As funny, open, and self-effacing as her new TV alter ego is earnestly determined, Martin-Green is having fun in her new role on fall's television opus.

Here are five gorgeous photos and fascinating quotes from her exclusive Watch! cover story and interview (September-October 2017 issue), on newsstands now.

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"I think motherhood preps you for every single aspect of life. It's impossible to encapsulate in words how much motherhood prepped me for being a human being." —Sonequa Martin-Green on how motherhood prepared her for a career.

"For me, it's the three Fs: faith, family, and fitness." –Sonequa Martin-Green on taking care of herself.

PHOTOS: More Stunning Shots Of Sonequa Martin-Green From Our Exclusive Photo Shoot

"I have been determined to go through every single bit of the canon. I started bingeing before we started production on the original, and I'm watching episodes here and there of all the different shows." –Sonequa Martin-Green on getting up to warp speed, so to speak.

"Playing dead is just like playing alive: It's really just about you believing what you're doing and diving into the story headfirst." –Sonequa Martin-Green on her secret to playing dead.

"I would love to see myself in a position where I'm able to create opportunities for other people. I would love to see my husband and myself in a position to incite social change in a major way." –Sonequa Martin-Green on what her not-so-distant future looks like.

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