Kirsten Vangsness' Travel Hotlist

Criminal Minds star Kirsten Vangsness shares her top travel spots and favorite vacation finds.
Posted on Oct 17, 2017 | 06:00am
Amazing Hotel
I really like The Quin and The NoMad in New York. I like hotels that are cushy but not stuffy. I like them to feel like humans picked them out. Oh, the Sunset Marquis here in Los Angeles is amazing. I've gone to too many hotels in Los Angeles for someone who lives here.
Must-Have Amenity
I like a steam shower. I like a good bed. I like all the things. And then I will take all the toiletries for "pal packs," which I keep in the car for homeless people. I make little Ziploc bags with a granola bar, hotel soaps, and whatever.
Most Memorable Meal
I'm on the celebrity invitation committee of the best grassroots organization, Alex's Lemonade Stand. It does cancer research for kids. Their annual L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade event has every chef you've ever wanted to make you food in different booths, including one of my favorite places to eat when I'm cheating—I'm a vegetarian who is sometimes a pescatarian—The Hungry Cat. Amazing food!
Next On Travel Bucket List
I need to travel more. I'm kind of a homebody. England, France, Ireland, Norway, Italy—see my people! Italians and Norwegians are my people.
Comfort Zone
I've discovered that when I travel, I am a friend in the world, without knowing it. I swear, I walk through life in Los Angeles and no one stops me or recognizes me. But I went overseas and everywhere I went, I was famous!
Favorite Destination
I haven't gone to many places, but so far, London. I want to go back.
Reporting by Deanna Barnert | Originally published in Watch! Magazine, September-October 2017.
Photo Credits: Cliff Lipson/CBS (Vangsness); PhillDanze/Getty Images (Toiletries); Daniel Krieger/NoMad (Balcony); BSIP/Getty Images (Oysters); Dave King/Getty Images (Car); marco wong/Getty Images (Norway).
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