Quotable: Michael Weatherly, In His Own Words

Exclusive interview snippets from the actor who plays Dr. Jason Bull on Bull.
Posted on Dec 12, 2017 | 06:00am
Michael Weatherly takes Bull—and Manhattan—by storm.

After a long day of shooting scenes in an old Manhattan courthouse for the show's second season, Weatherly sat down with Watch! and talked about his approach to Bull, life after DiNozzo, and rethinking everything you know about jury duty.

Here's a snapshot from his exclusive cover story and interview in our November-December 2017 issue, on newsstands now!

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"I just love the idea that I would get to play a guy who is somewhere between a Bond villain and Dr. Phil." – Michael Weatherly on what drew him to the show and his new role

"I grew up wanting to do comedy, and so what I was able to donate to the world of NCIS was my penchant for making fun of myself. I never minded doing that, and that seemed to be very helpful."  – Michael Weatherly on how humor shaped, and continues to fuel, his passion for acting

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"Trying to find a character is like trying to put a shoelace through the little eye, but it's, like, all soft and mushy and won't stay together and it can be very frustrating." – Michael Weatherly on how character development takes patience and practice
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Photography by Mary Ellen Matthews | Originally published in Watch! Magazine, November-December 2017.

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