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Big Brother Hall Of Fame

A look back at the past Big Brother Houseguests who expertly played the game.
Posted on Jul 2, 2019 | 05:00am
By Nate Millado

There are Big Brother greats—from fan favorites Britney Haynes and Daniele Donato to polarizing champs "Evel" Dick Donato and Rachel Reilly. And then there are these five BB legends. As we enter Big Brother's 21st season, see why these five Houseguests hold top player titles for their memorable stints on the CBS' hit reality series.

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Will Kirby
In addition to introducing the term "showmance" to the reality TV lexicon, Dr. Will was the O.G. puppet master!

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He manipulated his way to victory in BB2 without winning a competition. And with a bull's-eye on his back in BB7's all-star season, he made it to the final four—despite telling everyone he hated them.

Dr. Will Kirby from BB2. He also returned for Big Brother: All-Stars.

Danielle Reyes
Arguably the best player not to win, Danielle's stealth BB3 gameplay was done in by a bitter Jury that got to watch her shady Diary Room sessions before casting votes.

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Because of this travesty, Jury members are now sequestered and shown only competition footage.

Danielle Reyes from BB3.

Janelle Pierzina
The blond bombshell was a competition beast, setting a single-season record for most comps won (nine) and acing POVs when her BB life was on the line.

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"Jedi Jani" fell short in back-to-back seasons (placing third in BB6 and BB7), but America still awarded her $25,000 as Fan Favorite.

Janelle Pierzina who placed third in both BB6 and BB7.

Dan Gheesling
The high school teacher played a perfect game in BB10—never receiving a single eviction vote and besting his Renegade ally by unanimous vote.

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Dan returned as a "coach" in BB14 and masterminded himself off the block with the most epic game move in Big Brother history: staging his own "funeral."

Dan Gheesling from BB10 who returned in BB14.

Derrick Levasseur
This undercover cop played a flawless social and strategic game to win BB16, using his pro experience to get a good read on fellow Houseguests and orchestrating their evictions without getting any blood on his hands.

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Derrick himself never received an eviction vote.

Derrick Levasseur tactically won the BB16 game.

Excerpt originally published in Watch! Magazine, May-June 2018.

Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS (Chen); Cliff Lipson/CBS (Kirby); Tony Esparza/CBS (Reyes); Sonja Flemming/CBS (Pierzina); John P. Filo/CBS (Gheesling); Cliff Lipson/CBS (Levasseur).

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