7 Things That Make Gina Tognoni Smile

For Gina Tognoni of The Young and the Restless, it's the little things.
Posted on Feb 22, 2019 | 06:00am
Reporting by Mona Buehler

1. Sundays. After church, my husband and I get brunch in Hoboken, New Jersey. Anywhere we go is fun!

Gina Tognoni of The Young and the Restless, and her husband Joseph Chiarello.

2. Golf. I love golfing with my hubby. When I'm playing well, it's especially fun!

3. Exercise. A killer workout with my trainer, Kollins Ezekh, who always stretches me.

4. Newark Airport(!). When I walk down the concourse toward arrivals, I feel pure joy.

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5. Friday Night Slice. I love the pizza at Terroni, a little Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.  

6. TV and Dinner. For me, a perfect night is sitting on the couch with my husband—with dinner in our laps as we watch one of our favorite series. At the moment, it's The Crown.

7. DIY Cappuccino. When I use fresh espresso beans, the smell from our cappuccino machine is irresistible.

Photo Credits: Howard Wise/JPI Studios (Tognoni); DP3010/Getty Images (Golf); Courtesy Gina Tognoni (2); Alice-Photo/Getty Images (Newark); Terroni; Netflix/Everett Collection; Poh Kim Yeoh/Getty Images (Cappuccino).

Originally published in Watch! Magazine, January-February 2019.

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