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Book Club Favorites Pick: Dear Mrs. Bird

This charming debut novel set in WWII London is a must-read.
Posted on May 3, 2019 | 12:00pm
By Simon Diamond Cramer

Composed, dedicated to the war effort, and cheerful even in the face of nightly raids, Emmeline Lake is the picture of a British woman. Determined to become a Lady War Correspondent, she seizes on the first job advertisement she finds in the newspaper, but due to a misunderstanding finds herself instead typing letters for the renowned advice columnist of Woman's Friend magazine, Henrietta Bird.

So, the ladies of London might better Keep Calm and Carry On, Mrs. Bird has one rule: letters with any sort of Unpleasantness go straight in the bin. But with the war on, there's a lot of Unpleasantness to go around, and Emmaline finds herself having to crumple letter after distraught letter from ladies who Went Too Far with the wrong man, or lost a husband or a brother, or couldn't bear to have their children evacuated. Unable to let their pleas for help fall on deaf ears, Emmeline starts to write back to them in secret.

From debut novelist AJ Pearce comes Dear Mrs. Bird, a charming and poignant tale of hidden pain and love that comes from unexpected places, lauded by People as "a jaunty, heartbreaking winner."

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