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Book Club Favorites Pick: Mrs. Everything

In her latest NY Times best-seller, author Jennifer Weiner tells the tale of two very different sisters coming of age in the era of Woodstock and women's lib.
Posted on Apr 15, 2020 | 06:30am
Growing up in 1950’s Detroit in an unassuming middle-class home, Joe and Bethie are two sisters playing out seemingly stereotypical roles. Joe, the tomboy who can’t get enough of discovering new ideas in books, and has a burning desire to make an impact on the world, lives in contrast to her sister Bethie, the quiet, pretty “good girl” who dreams of her perfect husband and longs for a traditional role as wife and mother.

As American society changes dramatically around them, both sisters struggle to create their individual identities against the backdrop of a world divided by the Vietnam War, the rise of political protest, the demands for women’s equality, and the lure of free love and experimentation embodied by the hippie generation. Jo becomes entangled in the unending adventures of the counterculture while Bethie settles down as a suburban housewifeyet neither woman feels as happy or fulfilled as they thought they would. In this “simply unputdownable” (Good Housekeeping) novel Mrs. Everything, we witness the power and pain of all women struggling to find their place in an ever-changing world.

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