Fashion: 7 Minutes in Heaven
Posted on Sep 14, 2011 09:00pm

Andrea Federman - Costume Designer: CSI: Miami
"In our show, each episode has its own color palette. Once I read the script I'll figure out how many men are in it, how many women, and what the action is. Usually when there are a lot of men, we use blue and green, and we'll also pull in yellow and orange."

A feminine look in a man's world. As the show's costume designer, Andrea Federman, learned in her research, "real crime investigators do not wear skirts. They wear pants." And therefore so does Calleigh-but with a feminine twist. She'll wear a suit, but "we'll soften it up with a white shirt and put something dainty on her, like a pair of earrings or little necklace, that would make her still have that femininity about her."

Real-life crime scene investigators.

As a resident of Miami, Calleigh gravitates toward high-end French and Italian labels, such as tailored suits by Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana (Procter "walks right into them, and they love her body," Federman says) and shoes by YSL and Dior. The actress looks great in jewel tones, Federman says, although the designer notes that she is guided in her choices of color for all of CSI: Miami's characters mostly by the dominant palette in any given episode. And of course, both black and white-despite its stainability around such bloody crime scenes-are perennial tropical favorites. But the biggest influence on Calleigh's wardrobe is not fashion but function. When the script calls for this CSI to go out in the field, she throws on a jacket that looks good with a gun at the hip. And when Federman knows Calleigh is going to be chasing down a suspect, she opts for a lower heel. If only all cops had such a simple way to plan ahead!