Gilt: Photo Finish
Posted on Sep 14, 2011 09:00pm

­­­­­­ By:Shelley Levitt
­ The Mentalist's Amanda Righetti always has a camera-ready look, even when she's being trailed by snap-happy fans. To crack the code to her makeup mastery, Watch! attended the one-day Paparazzi-Ready Beauty academy by Napoleon Perdis, a celebrity makeup artist who created Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics and NP Set, a line sold exclusively at Target. At the company's flagship boutique in Hollywood, head makeup artist Rebecca Prior led a step-by-step crash course in applying fabulous makeup in a flash. It's time to flaunt a fierce new look.
How to look like gorgeous Mentalist star Amanda Righetti—and be picture perfect for click-worthy moments

1) Prep skin with a primer.­
A bridge between skin care and cosmetics, prim­er helps fill in uneven areas such as large pores and fine lines, so makeup glides on smoother, doesn't cake, stays true to color and lasts longer.

­2) Then apply mascara.Yes, even before you apply foundation. "It frames the eyes and gives direction to your makeup," says Prior. "You might be surprised to find that you can get away with just a touch of bronzer and a swipe of lip gloss."

­ 3) Apply foundation before adding concealer "Your foundation will cover small imperfections, and then you can just conceal where necessary," Prior says. "This way you ensure that you don't over-conceal, and you prevent the concealer from being swept away as you apply foundation."

4) Dot foundation only on your cheeks, chin and nose.­­ Then blend what's left on your brush from your brows to your hairline. The reason: Your forehead creases with every smile and frown, so anything beyond a sparing touch of makeup will collect in those lines. Plus, your forehead is outside the oil-prone T-zone, so the sheerest layer of coverage is all you need.

­5) Apply undereye concealer in a "Hollywood V."
Go from the inner corner of your eye to the outer, with the lowest part of the V directly under the pupil. Blend the concealer from the corners to the middle of that V. Use what's left on the brush to blend under the lower lashes, so you're not over-concealing the area of the eye that creases the most.

­ 5) Use powder after creamy makeup.
When you use foundation, concealer or other. liquid or cream-based makeup, set it with a light veil of translucent pressed powder or a finishing powder. It will absorb excess moisture and leave a smooth finish.

6) Apply bronzer and blush.
Now that your canvas is smooth, start adding color. Sweep bronzer under the cheekbones and out to the temples to add contours to your face. Then, for a pop of dimensional color, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

7)Line your lips after applying lipstick. .
You'll still define the shape of your mouth and create a barrier against lipstick bleeding, but the liner will glide on more smoothly than it does on a naked mouth, so you won't be left with visible lip liner. .­