Bliss: On Pointe
Posted on Sep 14, 2011 09:00pm

­By: Mona Buehler
For Detective Natalia Boa Vista on CBS' popular procedural drama CSI: Miami, kicking butt is all in a day's work. But when actress Eva La Rue isn't solving crimes and busting bad guys at the Miami-Dade Police Department, the 44-year-old star and former dancer hits the gym, lifts weights and even jumps into the saddle. Here's how this working mom stays motivated and disciplined despite 4:30 a.m. call times.

I've always been active. I was a dancer from the time I was 6 until the age of 21, and for a while I thought I wanted to be a professional ballerina. But then I realized it wasn't quite as lucrative as being an actor and it was going to take a lot more physical dedication than I think I was ready to put in everyday. But I had years and years, and hours and hours of dance class, so I think I realized early on in life the importance of physical health. During my early 20s I fell off the wagon a bit, but now that I've hit 40 I've realized, "Oh my gosh, this has got to be a constant."

I was never really strong. I wanted to be a ballet dancer, and Pilates and yoga and stuff was great for long, lean muscles, but I never had any real arm muscles to speak of. Now that I've been weight training for a couple of years, I have a little biceps. It's a little tiny biceps, but it's there.

I love, love to horseback ride. My daughter just started taking riding lessons, which gives me a great excuse to go back to the stable and start riding. I find it the most fun, great workout. It's not just trail riding; there's jumping and it ends up being a pretty serious aerobic workout.

Staying healthy on set is tough because there's so much crap food around all day long, and it's really easy to just reach your hand out and grab something. I try to eat a lot of vegetables to keep myself full. I make myself eat veggies. That usually staves off any cookie and brownie cravings.

It's too hard to eat perfectly clean forever because there is cake, there are chocolate chip cookies, there are brownies and there's In-N-Out Burger. But have them just once in a while. I think some people need to go to the extreme so they can come back to moderation. Because if you're already an extremely bad eater, then you need to go the extreme of being a good eater before you find balance.