Checklist: Peace In Predictability Brighthouse Financial takes to TV to drive their message home.
Posted on Oct 4, 2017 08:00am

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If there’s a concept more soothing to the retirement-bound soul than “predictability,” we can’t quite think of it. And apparently neither could the folks at investment advisory firm Brighthouse Financial, who are basing the latest extension of their brand—their first nationally aired TV commercials—around that single word.

A new division of MetLife, Inc., Brighthouse Financial specializes in annuities and life insurance, and their new broadcast advertising campaign underscores their philosophy of providing simple, transparent retirement solutions. Splashed across a series of ever-changing backdrops that signify an ever-changing world, clean-lined, translucent graphics in the company logo’s cool green and turquoise illustrate the simplicity with which “predictability” can be assured, while a calm-yet-optimistic voice clearly articulates the message. “Our name is Brighthouse Financial because it combines optimism with stability,” says Matt Quale, VP and Head of Marketing. “We are excited to bring this to life in our first broadcast campaign.”