Checklist: Eyes On The Road AT&T goes the extra mile to deter distracted drivers.
Posted on Oct 4, 2017 09:00am

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Since launching their "It Can Wait" campaign in 2010, AT&T has elicited pledges from over 17 million people (and counting) to curb the urge to text while driving. The last couple of years, the company's own research has inspired them to shift the campaign into high gear. A recent survey revealed that a disturbing number of respondents considered emailing, web surfing, tweeting, taking selfies, video chatting, and posting to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all to be acceptable while driving. And that, says the telecommunications giant, simply will not do.

To continue discouraging the use of smartphones behind the wheel, AT&T has since collaborated with Twitter and other social media platforms, and launched a nationwide virtual reality tour demonstrating the specific dangers. Twenty-two percent of AT&T's survey respondents cited "addiction" as the reason they couldn't stay away from social media. We can only hope the campaign helps drives the point home.