Checklist: Heaven Scent Le Petit Marseillais, the number 1 body wash brand in France, may just lift your spirits.
Posted on Dec 6, 2017 10:00am

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Johnson & Johnson is harnessing the science behind mood-boosting scents for their sensual new European bath and body product line Le Petit Marseillais, and results are positively Provencal. From Lavender Honey Shower Crème Body Wash to White Peach & Nectarine Shower Gel, these cleansers smell so good that may make you feel good too.

When we process a smell, explains J&J research scientist Victoria Dole, the brain's limbic system triggers an immediate emotional response. Lavender "has been found to calm anxiety and ease sleep problems and depression"; while orange blossom, according to J&J study participants, evokes feelings of heightened confidence. Ripe, creamy fig triggered sensations of "wellness and nourishment" and floral, feminine peach left subjects feeling "pampered and peaceful." Smells like a sweet deal to us!